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Skatepril Fools Day in Fontana.

Went to Fontana Skatepark yesterday to check out the Skatepril Fools Day Contest. Groms, ladies and crusty old men were there ripping it up in the clover bowl. Live music and a free BBQ kept everyone going throughout the day.

Michael Serna Jr. high speedin’

Danny Sandoval goes frontside on the widowmaker

Nick Jojola backs him up

Joseph Campos, tailslide in between heats.

Not only are the girls coming out in numbers to these events, they are ripping harder than ever.
Sarah Thompson, frontside blaster

Cara Lawson, full throttle

Brittney Conrad

Mikayla Sheppard

Cory Juneau, Caballerial

Alan Lapointe, inverted

Johnny Abernathy

Kevin Burke, sunset smith

Justin Gordon, big gangstaaaaa pivot fakie

Francisco Penunuri won the Widowmaker best trick

Tristan Rennie, Invert revert on the Widowmaker

Thanks to Fontana Skatepark and everyone that made this event happen. I didn’t the get results, but that’s not important. I saw everyone smiling and having a good time and that’s good enough for me.

More photos here:


Mike Ross

Great coverage Brandon. Great contest with a really fun vibe.