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burger bowl 9/25/08.

Awesome little session with Russ, Scott and Chris at Burger’s. This bowl is crazy! tight and fast! 2 lights, 2 deathboxes, stairs and a love seat…obstacles in every pocket. Only got a few pics because I was having a blast! Thanks Russ for hooking it up and thanks to Lyle and Becky for having us over.


over the deathbox


Russ got a couple of me
Don’t ask me how I made it over the loveseat…i have no clue. i was stoked, after i started breathing again.

over the stairs

solvang 9/20/08.

Chris, Dale and I headed north yesterday for a shredfest/b-day bbq at Solvang. Stopped in Santa Barbara to pick up Mr. Lightner and when we arrived we were greeted by Colin, Jeff, Steve, Matty, Toby, John and others. This was the first time for a few of us at this park and it took a while to get used to, but was super fun. Skated for a while then sat down for some BBQ and “Barley Pops” as Colin calls them.

Heavily medicated, Dale decides we should take one more victory lap before we hit the road. This final roll thru ended with Dale’s frontside air bail to padless knees and the local Sheriff kicking us out for no pads.

All in all an amazing day of skate, food, brews and friends. Fucking Lamb of God, Dude!







Colin got a shot of me not grinding

Douche Bags

Kyle shot a bunch of vid so watch for that soon.