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Best Answers, Ever


(interview : schmitty)

First of all, congratulations on having your son William Dexter Jackson. How has having a son changed your life?
I don’t think of change.

Why did you have the baby in New Zealand?
To be patriotic.

What is your favorite word?

It was a big year for you, with the baby and two videos. Can you talk about how you got the inspiration to make each video?
Inspiration is a concept. The only thing I can think of for inspiration is Michelangelo. In an aesthetic way, he’s all that comes to mind. In a physical way, I don’t know… Skateboarding—I don’t know if it’s static or physical.

How was Gnar Gnar different from Gnaughty?

Just different names, I guess.

What turns you on?
The hype.

What turns you off?
Hypodermic needles.

Are you still determined to kickflip a bike?

What’s it gonna take?

A few more people who don’t think I can do it and think that I’m basically full of shit.



1. One that drives
2. One that kind of drives
3. One that’s in the shop being serviced

1. Manny rips the spot
2. Mo gets pissed
3. Jack hammers the spot

1. Of course, Morrissey
2. And before that Elvis
3. And after that Johnny Holiday

Video parts?
That’s stupid

I haven’t got any

All-time skaters?

1. Jay Adams
2. Glen Friedman
3. Jay Adams

What’s your favorite curse word?
Banana-flavored asshole.