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fucked for life.

i almost feel bad for posting this. (almost.) but seriously, way to ridiculous to pass up.  YOU SERIOUSLY LOVE DICKS SO MUCH YOU GET THEM TATTOOED ON YOUR BACK?!  and not only that…MERMAID DUDES JACKING EACH OTHER OFF?!  good luck for the rest of your life, with that decision- i bet your mom is one of those moms with unconditional love or something- fuck.



i’m hella rad.

I was looking for a new desktop background, and randomly stumbled across this fine piece of work- yet again, another amazing tattoo discovery. I radballed his face, cause jesus…that is a whole seperate post in itself. Ok. So. Seriously- Dude, WHERE ARE YOU FROM…china? canada? the bay? WHERE?” and seriously- what in the fuck is wrong with you…BONDS?! the sick Aladdin font and cloud really helps dude…enjoy the rest of your life.