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Day of the Dead 2 Photos.

Concrete Disciples held their Day of the Dead 2 benefit down at Channel Street the day after Halloween. It was pretty intense and a lot of ripping was going down. They raised a ton of cash for SPSA and I think everyone walked out of there with some swag. CD included a few of my photos in their article that you can check out here:

Here are a few…
Roller Chick ripping!

Jerry Madrid and Art Miranda


Sam and Michelle

Little ripper

Max Shaaf – Epicly Later’d.

Terrible Twos.

Today marks 2 years since we birthed this little turd we call Radballs. That’s 730 days of life wasting garbage clogging up the interwebs. In celebration of this lame feat, we have decided to make some stickers. If you would like some, hit us up at the skatepark or email your address to and we will send them on their way.


Now, step away from the computer and go skate!