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Ridiculous gets D*faced.

London based artist, D*face, made it out to the IE and laid down some serious paint on the infamous Ridiculous Pool. A weeks worth of paint fumes transformed the once tennis court look into a bowl of human skulls. After a week of not being skated, everyone was anxious to shred.





For a more detailed look, check Concrete Disciples here:

For more info on D*face, check his website here:

Hello, Unreal.

Brian Gaberman is my biggest inspiration when it comes to a photographic approach to skateboarding.  I have a good friend Andy who recently went on an Element trip with him to Texas, and some of the things I heard him saying really stoked me out.  I heard Andy on the phone with a friend saying “He hates shooting fisheye, and really hates using flash and other artificial lighting set-ups, because it isn’t natural- it’s fake to him.”  I immediately turned around and asked him if he was talking about Gaberman, and he nodded.  Evidently Andy offered to smoke a blunt with Brian and his reply was “Dude, look at me- I’m old.  That’s high school shit.”  That one got me laughing pretty hard.
So put away your fisheye, your flashs, and all your other high-tech crap that costs as much as an automobile- and do it like one of the biggest legends in skateboard photography history, Brian Gaberman.


Free Skateboards.


On Saturday, Jamba Juice will be bringing some feel good kicks to Southern California skateboarders at Skatelab indoor skate park in Simi Valley. Starting at noon, skaters ride on Jamba, as Bananaman, Jamba’s “Feel Good Jambassador,” hands out free passes to the first 200 guests along with Jamba Feel Good Bucks – vouchers worth anywhere from $1 towards a Jamba product purchase to $10,000 in cash. As a special bonus, the first 100 skaters will receive a limited edition Jamba skateboard deck, designed by the Jamba Juice creative team. Ride with your friends, ride with the pros, and ride with Bananaman – just don’t miss out on this one-time event!

Date: November 14th

Time: 12pm-4pm

Location: Skatelab
4226 Valley Fair St.
Simi Valley, CA 93063