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Cruel Sun.


Oz and Gloomy Burke




Guest post by Ozzie Ausband

Many skaters stay away from the desert areas because of the heat. However, I have– more than– a few friends that go wherever the pools are. Their thinking is quite the opposite of those that sit by the ‘beach cities’ & complain. I have pool pals back East that drive several hours & shovel snow in order to ride pools. I guess its simply a matter of being spoiled. Lets face it…California skaters have a ‘golden ticket’. Its all here & always has been. Sometimes though, you must earn it! Recently, a great crew from Orange County & the surrounding areas, got together & drove out into the heat of Coachella Valley. They cleaned, swept & prepared the pools, then tore it up. The heat was a secondary consideration & the bullnose coping took a brutal pounding that day. I saw more smiles & progression than I had seen in quite some time. That is really what its all about…isn’t it? Skate-Ozzie