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Etnies Hallows Eve Bowl Bash 2011.

Etnies Skatepark held their annual Hallows Eve Bowl Bash this past Friday night. It was some of the best skating I’ve seen in a long time. From little groms, to the over 40s, everyone was killing the new bowl. Some video will be coming soon, but until then, here are a few photos.

Tristan Rennie

Greyson Fletcher


Jake Reuter

Kevin Burke

Art Miranda

Garry Shuck

Cam Dowse

Aaron Ebel

KB and Cam tied for first in the 30+ age group. They let a game of Rock Paper Scissors decide who would come out on top…little did we know that KB and Cam are the worst Roshambo players, ever. So after a few mins of Rosham-blow, Cam prevailed, putting KB in second and Aaron in 3rd.

Crusty Ghouls

Official Results of Hallow’s Eve Bowl Bash 2011

12 and under (Gremlins)
1. Evan Wasser
2. Kiko Fransico
3. Trent Bowman
4. Julian Torres
5. Matthew Wilcox
6. Joseph Campos
7. Lance A.
8. Chance Power
9. Drayden Gardner
10. Gavin Wilchex
11. Skylar Manning
12. Arianna Carmona
13. Drayden Dukes
14. Kyle Cummings
15. Christpher Breen

13+ unsponsored (Gargoyles)
1. Aidan Dansey
2. Frank Fernandez
3. Marcus Rhyne
4. Carly Nelson
4. Summer Vereecke
4. Joseph Hammer

All Ages Sponsored (Demons)
1. Greyson Fletcher
2. Arron Amante (from Foothill Ranch)
3. Tristan Rennie (from Badlands)
4. Due to Jam Format and utter chaos, everybody else tied for 4th place.
Shane Hildago
Archer Brown
Shawn Ross
Toby Gummeson
Colby Franz
Mathew Wilcox
Johnny Abernathy
Jake Rueter
Chris Mumma
Gage Boan

30+ (Crusty Ghouls)
1. Cameron Dowse
2. Kevin Burke
3. Arron Ebel
4. Art Miranda
5. Garry Schuck
6. Tristan Michael
7. Mike Shoal
8. Bryce Stadron

$100 best trick of the night went to Shaun Ross from Oceanside for a huge boneless to disaster hang up, broke his board and still road away.