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Hackett Slash Fest.

KB and I drove south on Saturday to check out the Hackett Slash Fest. After a quick impromptu sesh at Oceanside with BLKPRJT, we arrived at Clairmont. The day consisted of a death race set up thru part of the street course, bowl jam with a best Hackett Slash contest and a high air on the vert ramp. Proceeds from the event went to help out the Hackett’s recently accrued medical bills. It was a perfect day to skate with friends and give back to a friend in need.

Kyle Kaitanjian’s version of the Hackett Slash…yes, it was a make.

Al Brunelle, stale fish disaster

Charlie Blair

Borden Slash

KB Ollie


The Professor

Josh Stafford Blast

Andy Mac, winning

Ozzie has more here:


Tony Jones

Clairmont late in the day…always nice!!!
Good shit there Bro! : )


Really nice coverage brandon