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The Rain hates T Cooper

it was Scott’s Coopers 65th birthday yesterday; unfortunately it rained..

absolutely ridiculous.

in case the stereo isn’t on; here’s some inspiration/motivation.

top of DFACEs wedding cake.

KB a tad bummed on the conditions; drink up!

Lance Mountain personal.

(L-R: The Coopers, Tige, Lightner, Ben, Tony, Ozzie, KB, Steve, Asian [wong], & Serna Jr.)


Hit a few backyarders on Sunday with the crew. The local Sheriff dropped by one and kindly asked us to leave. We obliged and moved on to the next. Dropped a few pumps in this one in the morning while Ozzie stayed and cleaned it up right. Came back in the afternoon to get a few licks.





I put the camera down for a minute to get this little scratcher. Photo: Oz

Cam, Burke, me, James, Terrell, Troy