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2011 Photographic Year in Review.

2011 is over and I’m sure most of you are over 2011. It’s been a rough year for most, but one thing for sure is that skateboarding made it a lot better. Skated a ton of amazing pools, took road trips to Arizona and Fresno and got to skate and photograph a bunch of awesome people. Here is some of what went down.

Michael Serna Jr, New Years Day 1/1/11 (Photo: Ozzie)

Amy Bradshaw, Lance Mountain’s, 1/9/11

Peter King, 1/15/11

Kevin Burke, 1/22/11

Terrell, 1/23/11

Kalani David, Combi Am Contest, 1/29/11

Chad Bartie, SoCal Skateshop, 1/29/11

Skreech, Ridiculous, 2/6/11

Pool Shark, 3/12/11

Scott Cooper, Ojai, 3/13/11

Lance Mountain, Pigeon, 3/19/11

Jr Lasater, Gobber’s, 3/25/11

Zach Abrams, 3/26/11

Chris Livingston, 3/27/11

Randy Muller, 3/27/11

Art Miranda, Fontana, 4/2/11

Dirty Ben and KB, Chino, 4/2/11

Art Miranda, Chino, 4/13/11

Jeremiah Risk, Jay Adams 50th b-day at Etnies, 4/16/11

Chris Miller, Bucky’s, 4/17/11

BA and KB, 4/23/11

Bucket Brigade, 4/30/11

Darkness, 5/7/11

Darkness, Fish Bowl, 5/15/11

Cam Dowse, Scarlet Begonias, 6/4/11

Andrew Miller, Montclair, 6/4/11

Brant Austin, Scarlet Begonias, 6/11/11

Charlie Blair, Punker’s, 6/12/11

Cam Dowse, Scarlet Begonias, 6/18/11

Kevin Burke, 6/25/11

Randy Muller, Scarlet Begonias, 6/25/11

Brian Whitney, Ridiculous, 7/2/11

Sam Haines, Fontana, 7/16/11

Cam Dowse, Gonzales, 7/23/11

Brant Austin, Pup-peroni, 7/23/11

Cam Dowse, 7/23/11

Baldy, 7/27/11

Art Miranda, Etnies, 8/5/11

Brant Austin, Etnies, 8/11/11

Ozzie Ausband, 8/12/11

Shark Attack, 8/20/11

Kevin Burke, 8/21/11

Michael Serna, Jr., Baldy, 8/23/11

Josh Borden, Etnies, 8/25/11

Ozzie Ausband, Triple Bubble, 8/27/11

Kevin Burke, Yerman’s, 9/17/11

KB, Endor, 9/24/11

KB, new pool on his 30th b-day, 10/1/11 (Photo: Ozzie)

Kevin Bunck, Pink Motel, 10/1/11

Greyson Fletcher, Etnies, 10/28/11

Mighty, Channel Street, 10/30/11

Kelly Bellmar, Chino, 11/9/11

Ray Barbee, Love and Guts, 11/10/11

Josh Hammock, Chino, 11/13/11

KB, 11/26/11

Jake Reuter, 12/1/11

Allysha Bergado & Lizzie Armanto, Lance Mountain’s, 12/6/11

Joseph Campos, Chino, 12/6/11

Al Brunelle, Hackett Slashfest, 12/10/11

Salba, Upland, 12/18/11

Ozzie Ausband, 12/26/11

Ryan Johnson, 12/26/11

Josh Peacock, 12/26/11

Riverside Shawn, 12/26/11

Tristan Rennie, Burger Bowl, 12/30/11

Texas Dan, New Year’s Eve, 12/31/11

Thank you to everyone that takes time out of their day to visit the site. Here’s to a better 2012!