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Found some rare footage of a band Chad and I used to be in. I believe this was captured during a tour supporting our debut album entitled, Brick Don’t Hit Back. It’s large file, so please be patient.

skinned alive.

A few weeks ago I got wind that the Ark Ramp was dying a slow death and the Skatelite was up for the taking. For those that don’t know what Skatelite is, it’s a top sheet used for ramps that is over $100 a sheet and we were getting it for free. So, Scott and I headed down south to retrieve the hot commodity. The only catch was that we had to take it off ourselves.

We arrived and were greeted by Chris…and this guy.

Working hard? Hardly working?


The Goods.

Out the door.

Loaded up, ready for it’s new home…where ever that may be.

and a few WWKS? (What Would Kyle Shoot?)

Stay tuned for the resurrection.


Just had one of these new Bud Light Limes and have to say it’s not that bad. They should be available in stores and your local watering hole May 1. You may be wondering, why don’t I just buy some limes and squeeze them into a beer myself? Well, i’ve got a nasty paper cut and that shit stings like a mother when citrus hits it. Problem solved.



What can Brown do for you? Well, they can start by not smashing my packages to shit. I purchased the new Obey/Alva prints last week and although I probably shouldn’t have bought them, I was pretty stoked. This is what arrived today…hand delivered by my friends over at UPS.

Not so stoked anymore, but I guess it could have been worse…at least it’s not torn. With a limited print run of 200, I guess I won’t be getting my hands on another that isn’t creased. Not what you want to see when you take it out of the tube.

Looking past the 6 or so creases up the side of both of them, these things are sick!

Both are signed by Shepard Fairey, Tony Alva, and Glen E, Friedman.

I will say that this is the first print to get smashed that I’ve bought, but I would rather it have been any of the others. Oh well…


While my fellow shred brethren were erecting infernos south of the border, a few others set out on a 250+ mile shredfest of our own. Sunday morning met up with Tige, Scott and Anthony in the IE and headed to a “super secret” concrete pond. When we arrived, we noticed piles of what looked to be hair in the bottom of the pool. Upon further inspection, it was just PILES OF FLEAS! So we all freaked out a bit, then got to work. A super creepy unmarked, windowless white van rolls up and we expect some guy to jump out and offer us candy. Turns out it was only Cohort’s fearless leader, CK…board in one hand, tall can of Coors in the other.

Morning deuce to tail block.


Tige was happy to get out of the house and apply some metal to the coping. CK approves. Maybe next time I will not shoot it late…probably not.

Scott decided he was going over the stairs this day and even though unsuccessful, his attempts were valiant.

The wind up.

Swing and a miss.

“What do you think about those stairs, Scott?” 

Packed up, left the Flea Bowl and Tige behind, picked up Shae-money and with a 10 to 215 to 15 to 78 to 5 fwy Grand Prix, we arrived in beautiful Carlsbad, CA, home of The Old Bro. Slowly waking from the freeway coma, we were welcomed by Bill, Chris, Mike, Dan, families, chips, salsa and sounds of the 80’s.

Chris, crail grinder.

Mike, sweeping the deck.

Anthony, backside.

Scott seeks redemption for the stairs with a FS air. Proper.

…and matching that with a backside.

…might as well throw in a scraper for good measure.

Anthony got this shot of my corner pocket carver and I give it the “OK”

Skated for a while, rocked Culture Club then headed down the street to Matt Hensley’s Flying Elephant for some grub and recap with the whole crew. Filled up, packed up and hit the highway home. A long day, but well worth it. I wonder how our Mexican hombres are doing with the flames…