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After watching todd jones destroy it in the carry on video i posted last week, i had to keep going and post some terror.  Terror was amazing before ’03 & Ozzfest hit (plus, jones leaving the band).. with a raw cross over blend of hardcore and thrash- they were the band to see live.

Scott Vogel informing TX about the stage dive trampoline..

Terror performing “better off without you” in 2003 – destroy.


go away.

I logged on to wordpress and was checking out some of the stats for this site. It will tell you what people were searching for when they visited One in particular was quite interesting.


Yes, that’s right. One person actually searched “boys jacking each other off” and ended up on our site.

The funny thing is, now that I have typed that in this blog, he (or she) will search for that again and end up right back here. go away!

El Salvador : Los Flores

i boarded united/LASCA flight 671, destination: el salvador, last thursday the 22nd at 2am- with nothing but a pair of tweezers, two boards, two towels, two cameras, three trunks, a backpack, and 2.0g of full melt bubble hash, cause my OG & sour D triple vacuum sealed still smelled.. in el salvador, there was this pasta joint called ‘rasta pasta’ : two joints for an appetizer, then two joints for dessert.. my new favorite place in the entire world. as for the waves.. the waves were insane- imagine santa barbara county (losflores like rincon & punta mango like el cap to be exact) with no one out, head high+ sets, lined up rides, and 85° water.. yeah, pretty amazing. oh yeah, & fuck you for charging me $100 each way for boards, airports.. i came home through U.S. customs with a 26″ machete, FYI.

i also shot a few rolls of film i’m still waiting to get back, but here’s a few in the meantime..

and of course, all the shit i managed to gather along the way..

1. the 2.0g of hash
2. dirt ass salvadorian herb
3. the tweezers
4. the hash can (extremely healthy)
5. tunes (grateful dead/slayer)
6. matches
7. poker
8. rasta pasta joints, on the house

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Last weekend Mr. Lightner informed me that he was attending the 4th annual Protec Pool Party, but was unable to secure me a ticket. Well, the morning of, I managed to slither my way into the extravaganza.


I saw this guy there…partying like a rockstar.

Here’s Sergi with the bowl transfer. Shot on my little point and shoot.

Vans Pro Tec Pool Party (PPP)

so unless you live under a rock, or are dead, you’ve probably heard that Vans’ annual Pro Tec pool party has arrived at the one and only combi bowl in Orange, set for this saturday (May 17th) with full web coverage.

THANKFULLY, this year, i sacrificed my scrotum (my personal set of radballs) to attend in person. rather than sitting in my room, smoking copious amounts of herb, glued two inches away from my computer monitor- like i did last year (where i managed to have a one man party).. i’ll be with good friends danimal and murdercity and many others enjoying this years party in person!

again, thanks to my amazing friend danimal over at surf & destroy who somehow (?!) managed a way to find me a ticket, in result- danimal is now the owner of two (2) scrotums and four (4) radballs. next time you see him, ask if he’ll show you… it’s pretty mental.

Baker has a Deathwish

i don’t even know what to type about this video- its fucking insane.. just click here to watch the entire “Baker has a Deathwish” *promo video, including: the boss, lizard king, brayden, theotis beasley, TK, jim greco, dustin dollin, beagle, antwuan dixon, leo romero, sammy baca, neck face, jeff lenoce, hansen, bryan herman + tons more- im just way too stoned to remember right now..

(*& by promo video, they mean 58 minutes of smoking weed, some skating, and other amazingness)