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Tim Brauch Memorial Contest Photos – 9/22/12.

We made the trek up to San Jose this past weekend for the 14th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest at Lake Cunningham. Stoked to see everyone up there and witness some insane shredding going down. Was denied a photo pass, so had to work with what I could.

Girls started off the day, but unfortunately I missed most of the heats. From what I saw, they were killing it! Lizzie Armanto, Julz and Allysha Bergado were at the top, and rightfully so.

A whole slew of ams were there and they were hungry. The level of skating in these Am heats was pretty impressive. Tiny kids spinning 5s, gnarly collisions and straight out ripping. Tristan Rennie, Griffin Chase and Bobo Kuamoo ended up in the top spots.

Griffin Chase


Toby Gummeson

Masters… there is a reason they have that title and it’s pretty apparent when they start rolling.

Jeff Hedges

Eddie Elguera

Mark Partain. So stoked to get to see him skating. Pure style.


Cab board sliding into first place.

Pros ended up with 2 final heats with 2 Badlanders on top. Great to see Michael Brookman stay on and take it to first place.

Michael Brookman

Josh Rodriguez

Josh Stafford

Chris Russell

Daniel Cuervo

Brad McClain

Another great contest in the books. There was so much going, it’s hard to be everywhere at once. Thanks to everyone that makes it happen year after year.
Photos from the rest of the trip coming soon.

1. Michael Brookman
2. Josh Rodriquez
3. Sky Siljeg
4. Chris Russell
5. Daniel Curevo
6. Josh Mattson
7. Brad McClain
8. Nathaniel Linford
9. Jordan Richter
10. Chris Handerson
11. Josh Stafford
12. Cason Kirk
13. Jeromy Green
14. Demarcus James
15. Derek Scott
16. Andrew Langi
17. Brian Johnson
18. Ben Johnson
19. Tony Marie
20. Malakai Montes
21. Jojo Hfflington
22. Bryce Stark
23. Brandon Yarborough
24. Haden McKenna
25. Colton Woods
26. Bennett Harada
27. Gage Boan
28. Kevin Reynolds
29. Alec Beck
30. Jared Florovich
31. Bradley Bardeki
32. Issac Barrios
1. Steve Caballero
2. Mike McGill
3. Eddie Elguera
4. Christian Hosoi
5. Mark Partain
6. Jeff Hedges
7. Duane Peters
8. Jed Fuller
9. Chris Senn
9. Darin Jenkins
11. Matt Wilson
12. Roger Folsom
13. Chris Cook
13. Chuck Gillete
15. Mike Rogers
16. Rob Elhers
17. Tom Kilroy
18. Michael Parente
1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Julie Kindstrand
3. Allysha Bergado
4. Justyce Tabor
5. Abby Zsarney
6. Arianna Carmona
7. Katherine Folsom
8. Amelia Brodka
9. Amee Jay Papalera
10. Evelyn Abad
11. Alex Harper
12. Bryce Wettstein
13. Sarah Thompson
14. Niki Noller
15. Patty Fung
16. Jordyn Baratt
17. Beverly Flood
18. Kayla Caballero
19. Cara Lawson
20. Katarina Arlid
21. Faydra Rose
22. Tarryn Ross
1. Tristan Rennie
2. Griffin Chase
3. Bobo Kuamoo
4. Shane Sullivan
5. Archer Braun
6. Kiko Francisco
7. Toby Gummeson
8. CJ Collins
9. Rad Pinckard
10. Adrian Dansey
11. Charlie Martin
12. Justin Rivera
13. Seth Sanders
14. Evan Wasser
15. Rowan Thunder
16. Evan Berle
17. Matt Wilcox
18. Max Jensen
19. Griffin Clingman
20. Travis Rivera
21. Donte Overton
21. Julian Torres
23. Evan Doherty
24. Koa Cortina
24. Trent Bowman
26. Lucas Sanders
27. Sammy Souza
28. Drayden Gardner
29. Galvin Alsop

Would Shop Best Trick and BBQ.

Last Saturday many gathered in Nick D’s backyard for a best trick throw down complete with a BBQ and live music.

The landlord, Nick D, inverted

Patrick Ryan, first place blaster

Riverside’s finest, Art Miranda, stale fish

Malditas Drogas and OKT went off

Maddog, smithers

Kevin Burke, ollie

Tristan Rennie, Indy

Julz, layin’ back

Best Trick Results
1. Patrick Ryan
2. Tristan Rennie
3. David Branom
4. Kevin Burke
5. Art Miranda
6. Danny Sandoval
7. MadDag
8. Johnny Abernathy
9. Sonny Rodriguez
10. Ryan
11. C.W.
12. Ms Jr.
13. Bill Rennie
14. Justin Gordan
15. Nathan Rennie

Ladies Results
1. Julz
2. Nicole Dodson
3. Pauline Branom
4. Victoria Serna

Thanks to Nick D and Would Shop for hosting a rad event!

The Shrine – Aug 18, 2012.

Anytime you see The Shrine play live you are guaranteed a face melter. This past Saturday was no exception. Unmodern skateshop in Santa Fe Springs and Elephant Skateboards hosted a mini ramp contest and The Shrine closed it down with a skate pit infused, ear blowing set with songs off their new LP, Primitive Blast.

A frenzy of young and old were tossing themselves around in a whirlwind pit complete with desk chairs, skateboards and abundant amounts of beer.

The Shrine will be heading to Europe with Fu Manchu in September. Help them get there by picking up some super limited merch and contribute to their kickstarter page here:

Visit and for more info.

Fullerton Skatepark Re-opening – June 16, 2012.

After months of hard work and master planning by the Fullerton Skatepark Association, the Fullerton Skatepark was re-opened yesterday after being shut down for over 2 years. Hundreds of Fullerton residents and others from surrounding cities came out to take part in the festivities and show that although it isn’t the greatest skatepark in the area, it is a much needed part of the community.

Mayor Quirk-Silva cutting the ribbon with members of the FSA

The skatepark was packed and everyone was absolutely stoked to finally have a place to ride again.

Charlie Blair

Skreech about to take out the band


Sonny Rodriguez comin’ in hot, lien disaster

Kogi – The best food truck around!

Kevin Burke


Patrick Ryan, blaster

The park is located in Independence Park at 801 W. Valencia Drive, Fullerton, CA 92832. Although the park is now open, there are many issues that still need to be worked through. The park is on a three-month probationary period and it is up to the skaters to keep it clean and positive to show the city that re-opening the park was the right thing to do.

For more info on the FSA, visit

Badlands Anniversary Bash.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Upland Pipeline Skatepark. The City of Upland and Utility Board Shop put together a celebration this past Saturday to honor Stan Hoffman, owner of the original Pipeline, and the Hoffman family for putting Upland on the map.

Stan Hoffman and his Pipeline plaque

When Salba talks, people listen.

People from all over the country, along with the legends of skateboarding, came out to honor the Hoffman family. Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Christian Hosoi, Jay Adams, and Eddie Elguera are just a few of the guys that came out to show their support, not to mention all the Badlanders that hold down the IE on a daily basis.

Lance Mountain

Tristan Rennie

Mike Perez


Eric Salazar

Charlie Blair

Danny Sandoval

After some heavy shredding at the park, the party headed over to Utility for a signing and then to The Grove Theatre for a special screening of the new Bones Brigade documentary.

The night ended at Corey Miller’s Timeless Art Gallery for an epic collection of classic Upland art, old relics and photos by Grant Brittian, James Cassimus, Dave Swift, Jim Goodrich, and Chris Ortiz.

Grant Brittian photos

Art Miranda sighting!

Cassimus photos

Miller board

Sick Dave Swift photo of Miller at Convict Pool

Goodrich photos

Salba’s box

I’m going to guess that Chicken made this…so cool


Hand done Malba graphic

Everyone headed out back to finish the day off with some free Black Star Beer and live music by Powerflex 5.

P5 with Spidey on guitar and Chuck Hults ruling the mic

The day was amazing beyond words. Skateboarding’s roots are strong in the Badlands and with the out pour of support I witnessed from the community and the number young guns coming up, I don’t see it dying out any time soon.

Peacock posted up some video of the event. Check it out here: