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Badlands Anniversary Bash.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Upland Pipeline Skatepark. The City of Upland and Utility Board Shop put together a celebration this past Saturday to honor Stan Hoffman, owner of the original Pipeline, and the Hoffman family for putting Upland on the map.

Stan Hoffman and his Pipeline plaque

When Salba talks, people listen.

People from all over the country, along with the legends of skateboarding, came out to honor the Hoffman family. Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Christian Hosoi, Jay Adams, and Eddie Elguera are just a few of the guys that came out to show their support, not to mention all the Badlanders that hold down the IE on a daily basis.

Lance Mountain

Tristan Rennie

Mike Perez


Eric Salazar

Charlie Blair

Danny Sandoval

After some heavy shredding at the park, the party headed over to Utility for a signing and then to The Grove Theatre for a special screening of the new Bones Brigade documentary.

The night ended at Corey Miller’s Timeless Art Gallery for an epic collection of classic Upland art, old relics and photos by Grant Brittian, James Cassimus, Dave Swift, Jim Goodrich, and Chris Ortiz.

Grant Brittian photos

Art Miranda sighting!

Cassimus photos

Miller board

Sick Dave Swift photo of Miller at Convict Pool

Goodrich photos

Salba’s box

I’m going to guess that Chicken made this…so cool


Hand done Malba graphic

Everyone headed out back to finish the day off with some free Black Star Beer and live music by Powerflex 5.

P5 with Spidey on guitar and Chuck Hults ruling the mic

The day was amazing beyond words. Skateboarding’s roots are strong in the Badlands and with the out pour of support I witnessed from the community and the number young guns coming up, I don’t see it dying out any time soon.

Peacock posted up some video of the event. Check it out here: