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Palm Springs 1/10/09

Palm Springs is such a sick park…killer flow, nude bowl replica, and street hits. The park is now free and unsupervised, but the fuzz definitely patrols the area.

Headed out with Chris to meet Tige, Ben, Scoops, T&R, KB, John, Steve and some others. Had perfect weather and some ripping was going down!

FS Ollie


Ollie truck bash on the extention




Kickin’ it oldschool

See you out there next weekend…

Channel Street 1/2/09.

A few things I want to try and accomplish this year is to skate some new places and shoot some different shots. Well, I skated Channel Street for the first time today with Chris. Got there early and the crowd was thin. Place is not easy to skate by any means, but is super fun. Although a majority of my shots look like ass, at least I hit a new park. Here are a few I managed to salvage.


this looked better in my head…

Chris got a couple of me.

2008 (photographic) year in review.

Over the past year I have met some cool people, skated with those same people at some amazing spots, and was able to attend and photograph some sick events. I was looking at some pics that were shot over the last 12 months and thought I’d post some of them up. So, here’s my (photographic) year in review…

Brant, Chino 1/12/08

Bill, Bible Bowl 2/2/08

Ronnie, Chino 2/7/08

Dave, Glendale 2/9/08

Adrian Demain, Pala 2/16/08

CK, Redlands 3/2/08

Anthony, Old Bro 3/2/08

Brian Whitney, Chino 3/9/08 – One of my favorite shots of the year.

Tige, Pala 3/29/08

Brian, Pala 3/29/08

Johnny, Chino 4/16/08

Chris, Bible Bowl 4/17/08

Dale, Bellmar’s 4/23/08

Julie, Chicken’s 4/25/08

Michael Brookman, Basic Bowl Contest 4/26/08

Jake, Bellmar’s 5/1/08 – Who just became a father…congrats homie!

Kyle, Bellmar’s 5/1/08

Benji, Bible Bowl (Dave’s B-day Session) 5/16/08

Scott, Bellmar’s 5/29/08

Aaron Court, Chino 6/4/08

Jason, Chino 6/28/08

Steve, Punker’s 7/2/08

Mark, Joker’s 7/10/08

Pedro Barros, Punker’s 7/26/08

Cristiano, Soul Bowl Contest 7/27/08

Jerry Gurney, Washington Street 9/6/08

Mike, Headquarters 9/13/08

Colin, Solvang 9/20/08

Scott, Burger Bowl 9/25/08

Tim Johnson, GVR Bowl Contest 10/3/08

Matt, Glendale 10/12/08

Lester, Fontana II Grand Opening 10/25/08

Tristan, Fontana II 11/4/08

Russ, Burger Bowl 11/6/08

Kevin, Fontana II 11/8/08

Jeremiah, SoCal Skateparks Skatefest – Pala 11/15/08

Art, Fontana II 11/22/08

Eddie, Fontana II 11/28/08

Tim, Chicken’s 11/30/08

Chris, Bible Bowl (Julie’s B-Day Session) 12/5/08

Nick, Upland Contest 12/14/08

Alva, Oceanside MLK Grand Opening 12/20/08

Here’s to 2009!

Oceanside MLK Skatepark Opening 12/20/08.

Went down to Oceanside to check out the grand opening Saturday and to shoot some pics for Park is pretty fun, small flow section with a squarish horseshoe with tile and pool coping at the end connected to a street/bank area. Saying this park is crowded is an understatement. Not really somewhere I would recommend going out of your way to skate, but worth rolling around in if you are in the area.

Tony Alva


This dude was killing it.

Check out more photos on the SoCal site: