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Gnarly’s Angels.

Spent the day shootin’ and hangin’ out with some pretty rad ladies on Sunday. Ozzie set up an all girls session over at Lance’s and finished it up with a BBQ shred at Ridiculous.

Dirty work.

Eyes on the prize.

Amy, Skatopia Skatepark local in the 70s, still ripping 30 years later.

Patricia, always fun to skate with.

Sonja lays down a double trucker.

Cheryl, racking up style points.

Ozzie snuck in a run.

Ji, high speed frontsider.

Tuling took about 3 runs to everybody’s one, she was charging hard.

Hurtin Crew

I didn’t shoot any at Ridiculous, so check out Ozzie’s detailed recount here:

and Chris Adrian’s photo’s here: