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Bones Wheels Video – New Ground

The new Bones Wheels Video, New Ground, is out and is insane! Featuring Ben Raybourn, Jared Huss, Trent McClung, Trevor McClung, Evan Smith, MOOSE, Josh Hawkins, Aldrin Garcia, Jordan Hoffart, JAWS, Dakota Servold, Chris Joslin, David Gravette, Chris Haslam, Ryan Dezenzo, Kevin Kowalski, Brad McClain, Matt Berger, Kevin Romar, and many more.

Check out the Bones site to download the full length video

King Of The Skatepark Jam Session held by Charlie Blair

On Feb. 2nd Charlie Blair had a Jam session at the Fullerton Skatepark. There was a good turnout and a lot of the locals were there. Everyone was ripping and the session had a good vibe. I posted up by the hip most of the time because that’s were most of the action was going on. I did not get that many photos but here are a few of the photos I got:


Charlie Blair: The man with the plan….or the man with the jam. Ollie to fakie over the hip.

RUS_4590 copy


The groms were ripping:

RUS_4605 copy
RUS_4606 copy


Haden Mckenna, Tailgrab:

RUS_4591 copy


Andrew Potts:

RUS_4623 copy


Leandre Sanders:

RUS_4586 copy

Josh Skreech Sandoval, Lipslide:

RUS_4630 copy


Just want to thank Charlie and all the companies that supported the event!

Salba’s 50th B-day Skate Jam Photos.

Salba’s 50th B-day Skate Jam was held yesterday at Fontana skatepark. Taco Dudes were out there slingin’ free tacos, live music, and plenty of shred. Haven’t seen the park that crowded since it opened. Good to see everyone out there ripping. Happy birthday Salba!

Ronnie Yerman
Ronnie Yerman – Smith
Ri Abderrahmane
Canadian Invasion – Ri Abderrahmane
Omar Hassan
Omar Hassan – Madonna
Aaron Ebel
Big A testing out the knee
Cam Dowse
Cam Dowse – blaster
Maddog Henderson
Maddog – Smith
Didn't catch this dudes name, but he was killing it.
Didn’t catch this dudes name, but he was killing it.
Cholo gettin’ some!
Josh Mattson
Josh Mattson – layin’ back