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I met Robert Guy (skate photo) through my really good buddy Rob Murow (DJ photo) last month, and man.. let me tell you- most buttery, stylish, locked-in, back smiths you’ll ever see (even though the photo below, is of him coming out of a frontside rock).  Two of the most down to earth dudes you could ever have the chance of meeting; Glad to call you both my homies.

R A D B A L L S | A . F . E .
The two Robs; Guy & Murow.

iPhone Thrash

Yes, I have no life.  Yes, I pay way too much attention to detail & aesthetics.  Yes, I spent time creating these backgrounds for my phone, because quite frankly- apple’s stock selection sucks, family photos are overrated, and let’s just be honest for a minute; my phone is now 10x harder than yours ever will be.

(click for detail)