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Gonzales Pool RIP.

The sad day has finally come and Gonzales pool is no more. Luckily, we were able to hit it a few times before it’s demise, I hope some of you did too.

RIP. Stole this from The Shrine. They have some sick photos up on their site as well, Thanks Freakfighter.


TA in the 80s. Grant Brittian photo

Jesse Martinez, 1986.

Tony Farmer, 2000. Toby Burger photo

Cam Dowse, 2011.

Ozzie has some great posts on Gonzo’s with a lot of history about the infamous pool. Check them out here…

Fuck Cancer.

Tragedy has struck our AZ brethren and Grind for Life has stepped in to help.

Tara Locker, the ultimate ‘skate betty’ and real boss of AZPX Skateboards has been stricken with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. After going through a bi-lateral mastectomy, Tara is going to have endure the next year of grueling Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. In an effort to relieve some of the financial strains that the family will endure, has teamed up with AZPX to issue the AZPX/Grind for Life ‘Tara Locker Bro Model’, with all proceeds going directly to Tara Locker on behalf of There are only 100 of these limited edition decks available in AZPX Standard Sizes (while supplies last). Mention what size you prefer in the paypal special note box. We are also putting out a great shirt for kids to wear to school. You can purchase each separate or as a specially priced shirt/deck combo. Thank you all for the outpouring of support during this trying time. – Rob Locker

To pick up one of these decks or help out visit or