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Last Gonz Pool Session

I got the call from Jim Muir to shoot some photos at the legendary “Gonzalez Pool”. I was excited and bummed at the same time…this was the last and final session. The Gonz Pool has been going on for over 30 years and the crew had no problem getting the session heated quickly. The line up included: Ray Flores, Jim Muir, Skip Engblom, Jesse Martinez, Scott Oster, Aaron Murray, Chris Cook, Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Tosh Townend, Bennett Harada, Charlie Blair and Chris Mumma.  The session was a great time and hearing the crew talk about the legendary sessions that went down there was a lesson in skate history. I am glad that I was able to get a few photos to share Gonz’s last session. R.I.P. Gonzalez pool, it will be forever in our memories.

The crew:

RUS_1949 copy


Jesse Martinez:

RUS_1906 copy


Christian Hosoi:

RUS_1964 copy


Lance Mountain:


Aaron Murray



Bennett Harada:

RUS_1902 copy


Charlie Blair:

RUS_1954 copy


Chris Mumma:

RUS_1966 copy


Gonzales Pool R.I.P


Photos by Russ Sakurai, Ray Rae (, & Josh Landau (The Shrine)




Some of the Osiris crew at Vans

I met up with some of the Osiris guys at Unit B. They have a solid group of skaters on their “Concrete Crew Team”. I followed them to the Combi and got a few photos. Look out for their video coming out soon.


Sergie Ventura



Brad McClain



Mike Owen



Austin Poynter



Josh Rodriguez



Kiko Francisco



Check out the Osiris site:

King Of The Skatepark Jam Session held by Charlie Blair

On Feb. 2nd Charlie Blair had a Jam session at the Fullerton Skatepark. There was a good turnout and a lot of the locals were there. Everyone was ripping and the session had a good vibe. I posted up by the hip most of the time because that’s were most of the action was going on. I did not get that many photos but here are a few of the photos I got:


Charlie Blair: The man with the plan….or the man with the jam. Ollie to fakie over the hip.

RUS_4590 copy


The groms were ripping:

RUS_4605 copy
RUS_4606 copy


Haden Mckenna, Tailgrab:

RUS_4591 copy


Andrew Potts:

RUS_4623 copy


Leandre Sanders:

RUS_4586 copy

Josh Skreech Sandoval, Lipslide:

RUS_4630 copy


Just want to thank Charlie and all the companies that supported the event!

2013 Girls Combi Pool Classic Photos

Here are a few photos we got from the 2013 Girls Combi Pool Classic. The event turned out great and it was good to see all the girls ripping!


Poppy Starr Olsen

RUS_4317 copy


Nicole Hause

RUS_4345 copy


Jean Rusen

RUS_4340 copy


Julz Lynn

RUS_4351 copy


Lizzie Armanto

RUS_4329 copy


Nora Vasconcellos

RUS_4347 copy



Div 1 (14yrs & under)
1. Arianna Carmona
2. Poppy Starr
3. Jordyn Barratt
4. Bryce Wettsein
5. Madi Thomas
6. Pauline Branom
7. Annika Vrkian
8. Lilly Graves
9. Hannah Chumley
10. Tarryn Ross
11. Chasity Collins
Div 2 (15 – 27yrs)
1. Nora Vasconcellos
2. Lizzie Armanto
3. Julz Lynn
4. Alana Smith
5. Hunter Long
6. Nicole Hause
7. Amelia Brodka
8. Abby Zsarney
9. Brenna Pawley
10. Brittany Conrad
11. Sara Thompson
12. Amee Jay Papelera
13. Beverly Flood
14. Alex Harper
15. Mary D’Antoni
16. Cara Lawson
Div 3 (28yrs & over)
1. Karen Jonz
2. Katherine Folsom
3. Jean Rusen
4. Carabeth Burnside
5. Lauren Callahan
6. Mandy Esch
7. Natalie Das
8. Kim Peterson
9. Nicole Noller
10. Ocea Iverson
11. Cheryl Jumao-as