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Psychedelic Violence

We received an email from these guys back in October that peaked my interest, checked out some videos and posted them on the jukebox.

These guys are weaved into just about everything good in life, recorded their full length with Dukowski(SST), turns out Josh played bass with my friends in Destructions End while touring with his band Rabies, they recently shot a video with Six Stair(Nichols, Fruit of the Vine), toured with Fu Manchu, Gonzales pool…

Fast forward a month and I caught them at the Wiltern. The bill: Kyuss Lives!, The Sword, some band that wasn’t doing it for me(maybe just not the right band to follow proper rulage), and opening up The Shrine. I was stoked as all hell for this show, Kyuss and The Sword are regulars in my rotation. I get there and The Shrine just fucking wreck the place! Another product of the SabbathXGinnthrash(nardcore) equation this time extra psychedelicized and 3-piece beating my ears into submission non stop.

Threw some emails back and forth with Josh and landed this Bless Off demo.. Its peddled off as a CDR demo, but sounds better than most independent albums out there. 9 tracks of riff packed, shredding, fuzz. Closing the album out with Deep River (the same tune in the sixstair vid) is a great call, the damn song keeps bringing you back for more. Bless Off lands one of my favorite finds of 2011. Check them if you get the chance.

Fugazi Live Series.

This is awesome! Check it out here:

Between 1987 and 2003, Fugazi played over 1000 concerts in all 50 states and all over the world. Over 800 of these shows were recorded by the band’s sound engineers. The goal of this project is to make each of these recordings available to download for a small fee. We will start with 130 shows and release more monthly until we’re done. A searchable archive lists each show along with available photos, flyers and general show info. Each listing with a download offers a streaming preview of material for sound quality as well as the reading and posting of comments on the show and the recording.