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GANTEZ WARRIOR; An infectious band comprised of three of the most stoked dudes alive- Levi, Dylan, & Ronny.  They’ve really been stepping it up lately and making some serious power moves; Shows in Japan & NY, continuing work with SABRE & also getting picked up by Warriors of Radness, and releasing their first CD in the upcoming summer months.  Get stoked- these dudes sure are, it’s a party everytime and Gantez is leading the way… I I LIKE LIKE TO TO SURF ! !

– – – – –
L E V I – Vocals, Guitar, Gantez

D Y L A N – Bass, Herbal Remedies

R O N N Y – Drums, Police Re-Inforcement


Synchronicity IV

I’m 26 years old and I haven’t had a real job for almost two years.  My days have been spent lugging around a bag of extremely old and very abused camera equipment; Allowing me to document a vast movement of eclectic individuals and the inspiration they’re bringing to the table right now.  I feel very blessed to do what I’m doing, and in turn- having this progress into my ‘job’ as a natural flow.  Here’s a handful of recent moments in time I’ve been fortunate enough to capture and share with you..

I’ll be posting more of these moments on here in the next day or two..
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