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I’m sure I’ve posted these guys up before but can’t find any of it, they fucking rock. I thought I even put the late,great Unit B show on blast….. and didn’t make it.  After having two orders slip through the cracks and a real long time I finally got them to send some shirts out, hopefully they were fucking lit real good and busy laying down some shithead riffs to violate your eardrums.  Calvin did square it up real nice and even sent me a badass botched test pressing. So, if you’re in a hurry don’t order a shirt (they did assure me they’d get more on top of it), if you want a cool fucking shirt from a shredding ass band, dive in, or  better yet go to a show and grab one or six.


Austin Poynter Ripping His Local Skateparks

I met Austin Poynter a few times to shoot some photos at some of his local spots. A few weeks ago I wanted to go skate the new Oceanside Alex Road Skatepark. I hit up Austin and he did not have school that day so it worked out great. Watching him skate is always a pleasure. His style is so smooth and effortless. The future is bright.


Oceanside Alex Road Skatepark:

RUS_1309 copy
RUS_1315 copy


Oceanside MLK Skatepark:

RUS_1319 copy
RUS_1327 copy


Monster Energy Ramp:

RUS_4679 copy
RUS_4692 copy
RUS_4702 copy

Here is some video shot by Nick “Maddog” Henderson at the Oceanside skateparks:

Here is a list of who he rides for:


Monster Energy


Osiris Shoes


S-One Helmets

187 Pads

Bull Taco

McGills Skateshop